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Mi View

Fall 2021

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Mi View is a stylish and portable magnification for declining vision. It is an adhesive add-on for the back of your phone with a built-in magnifying glass designed to replace reading glasses for social settings. Its unique leather coating is durable and soft to the touch. The push of a finger can deploy the magnifying glass, and six magnets help it snap back after use.

This product is aimed at people experiencing Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition in all eyes that worsens farsightedness. Nearsighted vision begins declining as early as 40 years old and continues until age 65. At its end state, Presbyopia generally requires people to get reading glasses or other workarounds for reading small text. 

People in the middle of this deterioration are new to understanding and coping with their vision. Some enhance the size of their text on their phones, increase the zoom on screens or hold pages far too close to their fact to read. Because this is a new or changing experience for them, they do not have routines or assistive devices to aid them. For many years, those suffering from presbyopia often have in-home solutions in place but forget to bring readers when they leave home. Our goal is to seamlessly alleviate the stress and embarrassment of not preparing for your vision limits in social settings by sticking a magnifier on the always present cell phone. Users can read a menu at a restaurant without changing their current process or adding something new to their checklist.

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